Multiple ni keyboards- Komplete kontrol ni S88 mk2 simultaneous with ni a25, under ableton windows

Philip Hopely
Philip Hopely Member Posts: 10 Member

If I usb plug in ni a25 after configuring s88, I can control the s88 via s88's onboard controls - but komplete kontrol vst on PC only displays/controls a25...

Is there some trick to getting kk vst to manage s88 also (other than disconnecting a25) ?

I have 2 instances of kk vst loaded on separate tracks in ableton - and they operate independently - except for kk vst ui being "locked" to the a25 even on the s88 channel (tho the s88 onboard ui works ok)

thanks for any tips !


  • Blindeddie
    Blindeddie Member Posts: 1,559 Expert

    It is a known thing that using two NI Keyboards simultaneously can be problematic...with that said, have you tried setting the A25 to Midi mode and then selecting the S88 from the "Controller" menu (when used as a VST, click the down arrow, select "Controller -> KK S88".

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