Change font color in mapping editor

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there Has to be a way to change the colors in mapping editor. Even just changing the font color to a black would help tremendously.

As my potato cam shows, I t’s impossible to read the font under each velocity section. Light blue with white font = 😂🤪



  • EvilDragon
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    There's no way to change colors in the mapping editor, unfortunately.

  • erik
    erik Member Posts: 3 Member

    That blows my mind. lol. Not even in a launch script?

    I guess that brings me to a new question then, besides list view, is there a way to see or read what these layers are? (The nki is Zombass) so When playing/recording, hitting or holding a certain note can change how the following note is played. If I can’t see what each velocity or note is doing, then you’re left to manually edit the midi notes. 🤦‍♂️

  • EvilDragon
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    Launch script? Kontakt was never skinnable in any way (apart from scripting your own performance views).

    List mode is there specifically to figure out overlapping zones, and so on, yes. You can also Alt/Option click through zones that are overlapping in normal view to focus a zone that's below the one that is on top.

    I also noticed that you don't have Selected Groups Only button enabled in Mapping Editor. Do enable it, it only shows you zones from the currently selected group(s).

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