Sorting libraries in Kontakt

Michael Dow
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When will it be implemented in a decent way?

Firstly, needing to load up the standalone is a little annoying, but not the bad bit

The bad bit is the time it takes to drag something to the top from the bottom. It's like those that made it have never ever tried to organise their libraries before, or simple aren't bothered with spending 15 minutes dragging things around haha. Okay not 15 mins but still. It feels so antiquated!. There's no "send to top" "send to bottom",no selecting multiple items, and i cant count the amount of times i've tried to drag something to the top, only for it to not stick, and go back to where it was.


  • Kaiwan_NI
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    Hi @Michael Dow do you have problems with the new order not saved? If so, make sure the A-Z button is not activated and you've given Kontakt a full disk access (on mac)...


  • Michael Dow
    Michael Dow Member Posts: 22 Member

    I do have problems with that, still. I'm on windows. They don;t save with or without a-z on

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