No audio into Guitar Rig 6 and other issues

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Ok. So here's the thing:

I'd like to be able to use my PC as a guitar amp for various reasons. I installed Guitar Rig 6, mainly because it got good reviews, and there's a free version available.

After installing the software and connecting the guitar (using both a RockSmith guitar to USB cable, and a Fender Mustang Micro in studio mode), I got no audio. I checked the settings, and saw that it was using something called ASIO provided by my motherboard's sound chip manufacturer, Realtek. The settings for that were pretty slim, and none of it seemed to be appropriate to my problem.

After some googling, I found a thing called ASIO4All, and installed it. The configuration interface is the sort that needs to be worked on by a UI/UX professional, but the options available were definitely more plentiful than the ones for the Realtek driver, and I set it up in a way that seemed appropriate for my system (input on the Rocksmith cable on USB, and output through my speakers on the Realtek chip). However, I still had no audio in Guitar Rig. The input levels meter wasn't registering anything. More googling got me no results, thus I'm posting here.

I'm not an audio professional, I have no idea what this ASIO thing is, except that it's supposed to convert a signal on a USB port into something the PC can use, and I'm not really interested in a technical explanation. I just want to be able to play, and occasionally record, my guitar when it's plugged into the PC.


The other issue.

After closing Guitar Rig, when I tried to play a game, watch a video, or listen to music, I found that Windows audio was disabled. Rebooting fixed it, but the problem came back once I started, and then closed Guitar Rig. My guess is that it's that ASIO thing, since a quick google revealed multiple people with the same issue, but no solutions. So... Again, I'm posting here.

Any and all help would be appreciated.



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