[New release] Break the rules with the creators of FREE FORM expansion

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Get into smooth, syncopated Jazz with FREE FORM, a new expansion that lets you explore snappy percussion, polyrhythmic patterns, blue notes, and more.

Check it out here.

What's special about this expansion? We'll let the creators speak for themselves. Read what the team behind FREE FORM has to say about this drop below. 👇

On Its Jazz Roots

"Creating this expansion inspired us to dig deep into our gospel/jazz roots! We really had fun dialing in textures on certain kits with guitar pedals and all sorts of analog gadgets.

Our idea was to take what you'd find on a jazz record--the playing style, odd time signatures, the textures, tempos and give you something you can chop. We also wanted to give you an idea of how a producer could approach jazz samples and create a new beat. Because of this, FREE FORM has a duality to it which will help each producer get the most from the pack. Whether an instrument based producer or sample based producer, there’s something for everybody."

On Its Production

"There are custom drum kits that we build for hiphop/r&b/pop/funk production use and then also the drums found in traditional jazz. There are a few kits in which we've recorded our own live drums, tuned just like they'd be at a jazz club spot.

From expressive chords to in pocket bass lines, FREE FORM breathes instant inspiration. We hope everyone enjoys it."

Thank you Mike and the team at the MSXII Sound Design team for sharing your insights!

Get FREE FORM here.



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