How does the NKS-Feature makes sense for FX-VSTs, if you can not automate it?

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The problem is old.

As KompleteKontrol supports only automation on the instrument itself an not on any effect you can load on top of the instrument I was wondering if it makes any sense to use FX in the Komplete Kontrol plugin (at least if you use KK as VST in a DAW).

For example I own iZotope Ozone or SugarBytes Turnado. Both Plugins come with NKS-Support and lots of NKS Patches. But what sense does this make, if you just can't record the automation (exspecially for a Plugin that is ment to be automated like turnado).

Is NKS-FX in Komplete Kontrol only for Live or only for effects that stay the same for the whole song?

Do you have any meaningful use cases for using NKS FXs?

Can not imagine, that an update can not fix this issue. NI, cant you just work with Midi-Channels to be able to fix the problem of automation access in KK FXs


  • JesterMgee
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    How does the NKS-Feature makes sense for FX-VSTs, if you can not automate it?

    It doesn't.

    As you suggest, only usable case I could imagine is for live performance. In a DAW it's useless because cannot automate and you have more overhead loaded in a single wrapper instance.

    Even for standalone it makes no sense because you cannot save a instrument + fx chain

    All the above has been discussed many times over and asked for more useful implementation, no word about anything on the horizon so for now consider it as a useless appendage

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    Yeah in Komplete Kontrol FX are of very limited value - you can do live stuff and record it to audio but for the concept to work properly you need a minimum of 3 things:

    Saveable FX chains

    FX host automation

    An actual FX version

    I guess in Maschine they make a little more sense as at least that has some internal DAW-like features and does have an FX version but host automation still doesn't work for FX.

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    Just bought the S49 and I am totally shocked that you can't automate FX....exactly! Why include it if you can't automate it?!? Such a dissapointment!

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    I find myself using Push instead of KK in all cases because of these issues... So they added the option of having FX in the first slot after 10 years but can't automate? 🤦‍♂️

    No FX chain save in KK still, I guess you can still only control the first chain in Instrument Rack (Ableton) and etc...?

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