Virtual instrument with Kontakt 6 - XY Pad: image animation via script

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I would animate the image inside the XY pad in function of the position of the cursor. But the KSP script doesn't allow to manage the image inside the XY pad in the same way of the background (for instance changing the offset of the image) neither like a knob (with the text file associated to the image with sprites, in fact this is allow only vertical or horizontal direction, not both directions).

For the moment I associated a bunch of images to a case method in function of the range of cursor position

There is any better solution that I don't know?


  • Kaiwan_NI
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    Another KSP question for you @EvilDragon 🙏

  • EvilDragon
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    Have a ui_label behind the ui_xy pad and assign the picture with your animation to that label, then just change $CONTROL_PAR_PICTURE_STATE for that label, based on XY pad values.

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