How to play and hold a continuous pattern hands-free on Session Guitarist Electric Sunburst Deluxe

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How to I play and hold a continuous pattern hands-free (like a looper would) on Session Guitarist Electric Sunburst Deluxe - or any Session Guitarist version? Use case would be in live performance. I was hoping/expecting to start the pattern by pressing 1) the key switch (w/ left hand) and the notes / chords (w/ right hand) and after the pattern started playing, I would then hold down the sustain pedal and the pattern would continue when I stopped pressing the keys, but the pattern / loop stops when I remove my hands from the keyboard.



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    The only SG instruments that have a "Keep Playing" option under "Latch Mode" are Strummed Acoustic 1 and 2. It appears none of the others have that option, and I am not quite sure why... I am not aware of a way to do this for the libraries that do not offer that option.

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    Thanks for the input! Has anyone on this forum used a Kontakt Session Guitarist library with Ableton to do live looping and layer different patterns into different clips with Kontakt preloaded? Since Ableton is simply recording MIDI events, it sounds like it should be easy, not factoring in setting the right level of quantization to allow me to start patterns prior to the measure to compensate for potential delays for loading patterns. I can't find any non-promotional videos of anyone using SG live - so maybe I'll make one if I can make it work.

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    I was excited to try the new session guitarist instruments in Komplete 14 after using strummed acoustic. The patterns in the new instruments like Sunburst Deluxe and Electric Mint feel almost unplayable for me without a sustain pedal. I'm baffled on why they removed that functionality.

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