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Articulation changes too slow in Logic Pro X when using Komplete Kontrol

ChoPraTs Member Posts: 11 Sine


Is any of you using articulation sets on Logic Pro X and maybe Babylon Waves Art Conductor with instruments loaded into Komplete Kontrol?

I'm trying to use them but I notice that each articulation that I set for a group of notes, it takes one extra note to the change take effect when I'm using a instrument inside Komplete Kontrol.

For example, if I have 4 notes: C, D, E and F and I want the first two (C, D) staccato and the next two (E, F) legato, the problem is that also the first note of the legato group (E) is performed staccato, the same articulation as the previous notes. Is that normal?

It happens to me in several different projects and also using different VST instruments (Kontakt, Spitfire, East West) but only when they are loaded into Komplete Kontrol. If I use the VST directly in the track without Komplete Kontrol, then there's no problem.

Has someone else noticed this?

In this way, the articulation system is useless.


  • Brad Yost
    Brad Yost Member Posts: 246 Saw
    edited July 2022

    Some instruments are slower than others, depending on how much sample data is required to change articulations.

    Since articulations are just midi events, and all midi data is sent as serial information, sometimes certain instruments will 'miss' the desired sequence and play an actual note before the articulation event (which is also a "note on"), especially if they are quantized to the grid.

    In rapid passages, I always move my articulations 'back' in the timeline by at least one tick, usually ten ticks. This assures that the articulation change arrives before the first desired note.

    In extremely dense tracks, I will sometimes duplicate the midi track (sans played notes) and insert articulations and controllers on it so that I can offset the entire track by -10 ticks.

  • ChoPraTs
    ChoPraTs Member Posts: 11 Sine

    Thanks for your reply Brad.

    I'm actually having a lot of problems with Komplete Kontrol. I was trying to use it as my default virtual instrument in my Logic Pro template. I'm interested in that because I thought it should be very useful in combination with my Komplete Kontrol keyboard, to see at a glance in the LEDs above the keys , where the key-switches are located, the range of each instrument when changing tracks, etc.

    But first the problems with the text boxes, now the articulations, changes between tracks also suffer some delay when the loaded instrument is KK. And I'm pretty sure that the CPU is also more affected by using an instance of Komplete Kontrol on each track instead of the virtual instrument directly. So, I'm quite unhappy and I think I'm going to end up giving up using it. A pity, because I bought this particular keyboard thinking precisely of using it with Komplete Kontrol. But if Komplete Kontrol is so problematic in my templates, it may not have been the best choice.

    Here's a video of the problem I'm having with the articulations, even on empty projects with just a couple of instruments and a notes scale just for testing. Is this behaviour normal? It doesn't happen on any instrument, Spitfire, OPUS, VSL, Kontakt... except when they are loaded into a Komplete Kontrol instance.

  • Brad Yost
    Brad Yost Member Posts: 246 Saw
    edited July 2022

    You need to start a trouble report with the support team because there is definitely something wrong with your system installation.

    I have scoring templates with 122 instances of KK wrapping instruments (on a balls-to-the-wall Win10 machine) in every track without any of your issues. KK is actually a tiny bit faster (by benchmarking) than Kontakt is by itself.

    Go to this wizard and start a support ticket:


    Attach a link to your posts here, as the extreme gurus dont monitor this forum much.

  • ChoPraTs
    ChoPraTs Member Posts: 11 Sine

    ¡Ok! Thank you, I will do that.

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