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How can I get back the mixer effects on Kontakt 6? My mixer current only shows the output faders. I also want to see the mixer effects.

My current mixer

I want to see these mixer effects



  • Sid1
    Sid1 Member Posts: 8 Member

    Can anyone please help? Thank you

  • Brad Yost
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    They are still where they have always been.

    You may have too many outputs assigned already for the EFX sends to be viable. Try to start with a smaller (default) output assignment and see where they start to disappear.

    Although, I just set up 25 Stereo pairs & 4 Auxes, and the EFX sends are still there in SAL Kontakt.

    Opened Kontakt as a PI in my DAW, clicked on the expand button, and they are there in the PI as well.

    Also; check to see if you have any aux faders available.

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