40s VERY OWN DRUMS- 3rd Row of Pads in Each Kit Won't Record/ Play on my Midi Pads???

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Hi I'm having an issue recording any of the pad sounds I want from the 3rd row of every kit. Likewise the 3rd row pad sounds don't play at all when I hit the corresponding pad/s on my Akai Mini MPK2.

However when I click on the pads through the vst on my daw, I can hear the sounds just fine. But once I arm the track to record and click the pad while recording I get nothing.

This is only with the 3rd row of pads for some reason. All the other pads (row 1,2,&4) record fine and map to my Akai Mini MPK2.

Anyone know what's going on? or suggestions? This is messing up my work flow real bad, super irritating. Please Help 😫 !!


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    Answer βœ“

    Pads are mapped chromatically from C1 to D#2 (MIDI notes 36 to 51). So third row pads are playing G#1 to B1 (MIDI notes 44 to 47).


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