using the Native instruments VSTs in MPC studio

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Back ground; I am running the A49 keyboard, the normal software along with. Also I have the MPC system and all their stuff also that come with that.

I can connect the A49 with the MPC via MIDI setup and can pick all their sounds, and play them on the Keyboard record onto MPC and record. Problem I have is I cannot pull the VST files/sounds which come with the A49 board, and play them and record onto MPC system. Any ideas how I can get it, to work both ways. One Youtube vid shows how to do it, but I am running their .2.11 update, which seems to have different menus. Grrr. 🙄


  • Kaiwan_NI
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    Hey @Normski did you get any error when trying to load the VST in MPC?

  • Normski
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    Its not that easy for them to work within each other. wish it would be a better Integration ! as its a little bit of a hit and miss thing going on. Yep loads, I kind of sorted it in th end, but there were a few errors !! But we live in hope.

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