Anyone else notice that Drumlab often outputs full velocity sample even when velocity is low?

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I am using DrumLab, the Fat->Praise preset. I notice that it is very often the case that hits like snare, HH, play at full or nearly full velocity, even if the note in the DAW (in my case Logic) is a low velocity.

For instance, especially with HH samples. If I have F#1, with velocity 50, if I press the note in Piano Roll it plays back as I expect. But when I hit play in the project, it plays at nearly full velocity.

I also see this behavior sometimes when I have two notes playing at same time, for instance a snare hit and HH. I noticed that if I nudge one of the notes a bit so that they are not at same time, then played back velocity is normal.

Having a very hard time mixing a project because of this weird behavior of notes not being rendered according to their velocity.

Any ideas what could be happening here?



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    i quickly checked with maschine and there it works as expected, have you tried to make some 8th notes with rising velocity from note to note. I noticed until a vel of 40 it is very quiet then it raises quickly. Also do you have any sorts of gate/comp in the track.

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