Cannot update Kontakt to 6.7

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Hi guys!

Just bought the prime bass vst , but cant seem to update Kontakt to 6.7.

Running an imac 5K ,3 Ghz Intel i5 with 16Gb DDR3 on High Sierra.

Surely I should be able to run the update ?



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    Since 6.7.0, Kontakt requires macOS 10.14 (Mojave) or higher. You may want to update your OS.


  • Monochrome
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    Since 6.7.0, Kontakt requires macOS 10.14 (Mojave) or higher. You may want to update your OS.

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    I fill cheated too.. Nowhere on the product page up top does it say "WARNING this will not run on Mac with HIGH SIERRA!" Way down at the bottom they show it in small print. I would think Native instruments would make it back compatible or Kontakt 6.7 run on High Sierra. Its really disappointing. I spent allot of money upgrading my Mac Pro with thunderbolt card, New 128 gb of men, $ 16Tb hard drives. I have over $350,000 Of Plugins both audio and video for film and they ALL run perfect on High sierra. AND some of the companies have gone out of business because of covid etc. So I cant upgrade my mac. 1. Hardware PCie Cards, older plugins, Will not run on newer OS. Its great Native has chosen to now only cater to new M1 and soon M3 new Mac owners, but i feel betrayed and cheated out of my money. Native must fix this and make Prime Bass and Vintage etc work. It would be easy to make Kontakt 6.7 run on High Sierra. I beta for huge VST library companies that dont use Kontakt. They wrote there software to support both, the rest of the industry does!

    Daw's Support both. Its cheaper for a company to make one version, that supports new macs and OS's only. But short sighted, and small minded. There is a transition wave coming. Companies are now writing there own VST not dependent on Kontakt. As the new Native products are limited to clients who have new macs, (World with covid, and Apple with its $200,000 mac pros, it is not possible. Only supporting 10.14x Os and hinger leaves 71% of customers on the table that would have purchased if product ran on high sierra etc. Not a wise nor smart marketing decision.

    Has anyone found a solution to it? I waster over $350 bucks on products that dont work on Kontakt 6.6 and its like i am supposed to be happy! like "Oh, just update your OS!" Some uneducated fool, who does not actually work in film or TV or Music production came up with that idea! There are multiple layers, monetary outlay on studio equipment, drivers that run outboard gear, EFX rendering cards, Software that does not run on OS 10.14

    Its not by choice but by logic. Most studios are not upgrading because the majority of there products and hardware will not run. Thats common sense. Native should remedy this ASAP. And fix there decrepit Website blank page syndrome when logging in. I got that solved today.. you login, then open a new tap in safari or firefox, then login again and second tab works. Go figure? Really? Native makes awesome products, but will fall of its high Mtn perch in 3 years if it doesn't fix its web page, and Kontakt etc software to be user friendly again.

    I can purchase a used 2012 Mac Pro with 10.14 on it, then use it to run kontakt? But i downtown have my protools, my MOTU, my software that runs DAW or Hard drives?

    Any thoughts on this? anybody?

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    I would try to install 6.7.(0 or 1) on a newer machine and copy over the audiounit and vst file or whatever protools uses on mac, or ask someone here to send it to you. It might just work or not. At least that is what I would do on windows and that usually works. Might be impossible or just not work for mac.

    Good luck!

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