Electric Mint Cry Wah with Logic Pro

Britin Member Posts: 2 Noise
edited July 17 in Kontakt

I have Logic 10.7.2 with Big Sur. The CryWah effect with Electric Mint does not work when playing or recording. The effect works until I press play then it does not work !! Any suggestions would be helpful.



  • Brad Yost
    Brad Yost Anacortes, WA, USA Member Posts: 144 Tri

    1. Have you tried the instrument in Kontakt Standalone (outside of Logic)?

    2. Is the green radio button at the top of the effect controls section engaged?

    3. Do you have any CC# assigned to the modulation controls or are you free running from the internal modulation waveform?

  • Britin
    Britin Member Posts: 2 Noise

    Thank you for suggestions Brad. The problem only occurs when I press play in Logic so I can’t test it in standalone Kontakt. The green button is lit and I have no CC# assigned.

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