Noire 1.1 - overtones issue

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Hi all experts and NI friends,

I'm a lucky user of Noire 1.1. The isntrument sounds amazing, but it seems there is an issue with overtones (sympathetic resonance, SSR). The second overtone does not sound as it's expected to. Please see the video (link below) where I check each overtone three times.

The Silent Key feature is enabled, so I gently press a key which I expect to resonate, then press the base key to check the overtones.

  1. Checking the 1st overtone (1 octave up): perfect.
  2. Checking the 3rd overtone (2 octaves up): perfect.
  3. Checking the 2nd overtone (1 octave and a fifth up): does not sound.
  4. When I try it with just one fifth (G4 pressed gently, C4 pressed normally), there is sudden resonance from the key a whole octave up (G5) - which I did not touch at all and which should have sounded when pressed gently (see #3).

I checked it with numerous key combinations and it occurs always, no exception. Looks like there is something wrong in the script or something else I do not quite understand. Please advise if anything can be improved here. Thanks in advance!

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