Massive X on Mac Book Air Intel I3

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Dear All,

I have a classic Mac Book Air with 8GO RAM and using a processor Intel I3 Core Duo.

With this Intel I3 Core Duo, do you think I can run MASSIVE X ?

NI says it requires I5 and 4Go. I do not know it this is the minimum configuration needed or the optimal configuration needed

Thanks a lot for your help





  • Kubrak
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    Mainly Massive X need ability of CPU to run AVX instructions. If your i3 does not have AVX instruction set, it will not run MX for sure.

    If it has AVX instructions, it may run, hard to say if well, or not. MX is pretty CPU demanding.

  • Monochrome
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    Would be helpful to know which 'Intel I3 Core Duo' processor you have exactly. Massive X does indeed need a "Intel Core i5 or equivalent CPU" with AVX support. A list of CPUs shipping with AVX can be found on Wikipedia.

    Also, try out the Demo version and see if it'll run on your device:

  • chk071
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    I'm pretty sure you can, the question is rather how many instances of it you can run. Probably not many.

    And, as @Monochrome pointed out, there is a demo version, so, you can test if it's working.

  • Kubrak
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    All, but first generation of i3, support AVX instruction set. So, most i3s will run Massive X.

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