Make touch strip display on S49 work like in Maschine?

Peter Harris
Peter Harris Member Posts: 470 Pro

Anyone know if there is any way to make the touch strip on the S-series keyboards (S49 for me) work like it does in Maschine/MK3 where it shows the relative position of the currently selected pattern? I find that feature super-helpful but so far I can't get the TS to display anything useful unless I manually MIDI map it.

Any other ideas for how to use the TS on the S keyboards would be very welcome. Even just mapping it to Master volume would be more useful than it is so far for me. (Yes, I know this is a user problem, but just looking for some suggestions.)


  • Kaiwan_NI
    Kaiwan_NI Administrator Posts: 2,525 admin

    I don't think there's a relative mode for touchstrip settings atm...

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