Why no upgrades to products like Session Guitar ??

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Hi I have both Session Les Paul and Session Tele and like them both. Now there is Mint which also looks good.


What I cant understand is why these products are never given upgrades (free ones). Seems like they share the same engine. I see that Session Mint/Strat now has a wah pedal as one example..Why am I not able to have a Wah in the 2 session guitar products I already own (as one example). Software from other companies gets updated all the time and improved...why are we stuck w. Version 1 on this stuff?



  • nightjar
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    Excellent point.

  • Kubrak
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    There were few updates for some of the Libraries of Session Guitar line.... Library is something like book, just bunch of data used by Kontakt... One does not require book update... Imagine, that it is e-book, not printed one.

    Kontakt libraries are like e-books. It is like it is, all the time. Just fixing bugs and maybe very slight improvements.... Like e-book.

  • nightjar
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    Lack of incentive is a factor.

    Deals that NI has made with developers who get a different cut based on bundle vs separate could have a "freshness" factor that would adjust this cut within a bundle. This would provide some incentive for developers to improve older products.

  • KingKenneth
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    Hi, one of my first thoughts when I saw the new features in Electric Mint was that I would love to ser them in my existing plugs ( Sunburst Deluxe, Vintage Electric, Pick and Strum). Drag and drop for example, imagine dragging MIDI from Mint to my Les Paul Track and vice versa! The WhaWha is a feature I’d love to see implemented in the Sunburst for example! Come On now NI!!!

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    I was going to ask exactly the same thing! Although it sounds so 'Komplete' (!) that, alongside Prime Bass, with similar features, you could create relevant parts and transpose them over I guess. Maybe in K14!

  • Billy86
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    Yes, NI. I have both Sunburst instruments and Vintage too. They’re stale now, given Mint’s features. How about updating to add new features already developed for Mint?

  • Geldartm
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    I agree they should be able to apply it without cost to them, as we invested in the products and there have been no updates

  • Billy86
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    +1 please make previous electric guitar instruments’ features equal to Mint.

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