Why is Battery listed as an instrument when I don't own it?

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Noob here, so apologies in advance if I'm missing the obvious. I bought a KK S61 a few days ago and downloaded and installed (on a Windows 10 PC) the Komplete 13 Select package that comes with it.

When I open the KK browser (on either the keyboard or my PC) and choose Instruments, Battery is listed as an option. But when I select a Battery file, I get a "failed to load plugin message." Which makes sense since Battery isn't included in Komplete 13 Select package.

So my question is this: why is Battery even listed as an option under instruments when I don't have it? Do I have it but don't know it? Is this a bug? How do I show only previews and more importantly, only NI instruments that are ACTUALLY on my machine in the KK browser?

Thanks for any help anyone can provide.


  • Uwe303
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    you obviously have presets for battery installed somehow, I'm not sure if that is supposed to be. But battery does not come with komplete 13 select for sure. I will try to find out about the presets.


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    Perhaps you've bought expansions in the past? Expansions usually come with Battery kits so maybe that's why Battery shows up in your KK browser

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