Does Komplete Kontrol S88 will control MainStage?

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I currently have an old (but still gold) MPK88 and have been using it for playing and producing mainly with Logic Pro X, FL Studio and MainStage (live performance). I recently bought Komplete Ultimate Collectors Edition and have been playing a lot with the Komplete Kontrol software. It seems to be an amazing way to have all instruments (even 3rd party ones!) in a great interface. And because that I have A LOT (!) of NI products, I was looking into buying the Komplete Kontrol S88, but I have some questions:

I know that KK S series can control almost everything in Logic Pro and it really helps you integrating everything in KK S interface. I also know that this integration is not that great with FL Studio but I saw some scripts ( that seems to "fix" this. But I cannot see anything (and anyone!) showing how KK S will behave with MainStage...

Can I do MIDI mappings to control what I already have in MainStage using only KK S interface

Is it possible to change presets (MainSage presets) using KK S buttons? Can I control MainStage features by only using KK S interface?

Does anyone uses KK S with MainStage and want to share it here?




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    Hey @FRieck There is no host integration in Mainstage like for Logic, GarageBand, Ableton, Studio One or ProTools. I'm not aware of scripts for Mainstage, on top of that, from what I've seen in support from Mainstage users, the experience with the keyboard is not the best, even to control several Komplete Kontrol instances. Maybe some Mainstage users can chime in here and share their opinions & user experience.

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    My main concert is if I will be able to assign any button (best will be the presets up and down and arrows left and right!) in order to change between MainStage Patches and Sets without sacrificing all other features that KK S has (my plan is to use Komplete Kontrol software inside MainStage so I can use KK S features).

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    Hey @FRieck You would need to put the keyboard in MIDI mode. Only the knobs and buttons above the screens are assignable in MIDI mode. You would then need to go out of MIDI mode to control the Komplete Kontrol track and click on Instance to navigate between several Komplete Kontrol instances. From what I've seen, it's not the most ideal user experience.

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    Any plans to improve this User Experience? MainStage is probably the best "live DAW" and I know lots of people that uses it!

    So IF I buy a Komplete Kontrol S88 Mk2 I will probably need to buy another piece of hardware because Komplete is not that truly complete... C'mon NI!!!

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    Came here for the same reason - does anyone know if NI has made any progress in this - golden opportunity I would have thought

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    I've used a KK S61 Mk2 for a few years with Mainstage with the Sunday Keys overlay.

    It works great, albeit in MIDI mode. Think of it as a standard keyboard controller and you'll be happy. But recognize that you don't get the KK benefits (i.e. screens, lights, transport, etc).

    The knobs and buttons can all be assigned, including multiple banks.

    So, does it work: Yes, very well -- as a basic MIDI controller.

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    How does that work? Does it come with a S Series template?

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    You use MIDI Mode.

    You set the knobs and pads as desired via the MIDI assignments in the Komplete Kontrol Software (click the MIDI icon -- top right).

    I also have used a nano-Kontroller for additional control, including advancing to the next song.

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