After one year, getting error 'Demo timeout message' when I think I have Kontakt full version

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Hello, all my Kontakt libraries and instruments that came with Kontakt are fine. But I have an instrument by Fluffy Audio I have used within Kontakt without issue for over a year. Today I came back to a project and I get the error message on that instrument track that says DEMO timeout. This must mean I am running the library in Kontakt Player instead of Kontakt Full Version. The banner at the top does say Kontakt Player. But as I have said, I have had no issues for over a year. I am fairly certain I bought Kontakt full version, which was about 1000 pounds a couple years back. Any solutions? How do I contact native instruments about this? I am pretty sure the version of Kontakt came with the bundle I bought?



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    Fluffy Audio libraries are not Kontakt Player encoded, so they will run in demo mode after 15 minutes (or after you save them in a project), if you're loading them in Kontakt Player (which you seem to be).

    Which specific version of Kontakt are we talking about here? Click the KONTAKT logo in top left and check the version number. Sending a screenshot would be fine, too.

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    Looks like the OP has authorized the software under a different email address than the one used to register it with...

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