When in Komplete Battery 4 update or Battery 5 coming ??

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Native instruments, you keep sending me Komplete upgrade offers but you need to know I am not going to upgrade until you either update Battery 4 or roll out Battery 5 with a ton of new content and a user interface update (I can barely even see the tint font and buttons!) .


  • Vagus
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    NI is in the process of updating all of its core line to VST3, which will likely be the only, if not part of a small update to Battery 4 at some stage soon. Battery 5 is another matter entirely. Given its focus on Maschine expansions, I wouldn't expect Battery 5, personally. I might be wrong, though.

    But, what would you change about the user interface, besides higher resolution, or what features would you like to see in an update?

  • Tony Jones
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    It's a good question, each Expansion gives kits for Maschine and Battery, so just a GUI change with scaling / some ability to change skins a little might tick a lot of boxes for the OP

  • Kaiwan_NI
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    Hi @yoyoyo thanks for sharing your feedback. This request is the same as this one here. I'm closing this post to avoid duplicate. Feel free to chime in the other post instead.

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