Audio options in Preferences not there!

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My platform: Windows 11 / Scarlett 2i2 2nd gen / Reaper (current (version) / Guitar Rig 6

My Skill Level: Serious Newbie!

So, first time setting up a new guitar rig track in Reaper.

I watched NI video: GUITAR RIG 6: Setting Up Your Audio Interface - YouTube

On the video it instructs to go to File/Preferences/Audio/etc to select Scarlett interface. As you can see in screen grabs. The "Audio" selection does not exist on the Guitar Rig GUI in Reaper.

Any help would be appreciated!



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  • Blindeddie
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    When using Guitar Rig as a Plugin, the Audio selection panel is not available because the DAW(Reaper in your case) is in charge of the Interface. So after you add GR as an FX, open the track "Inputs" dropdown and select "Input:Mono" and select the appropriate input on the Scarlett (the one that your guitar is plugged in too).

    Edit: Added screenshot for clarity!

  • Chaz
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    I think I have a more basic problem. The Scarlett is not coming up. I set it up for a vocal track and it was easily identifiable. Worked fine for the mic. But for some reason I am not seeing it in the INs menus. (See attached)

    Thanks so much for the effort. I am still a pathetic novice.

    Best regards Blindeddie!

  • Blindeddie
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    You are looking at the record options not the input selections… see page 19 of the Reaper manual that explains the track controls.

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    hi there

    I'm experiencing the same problem with guitar rig 6 but i use Ableton

    i hope there's a solution for me too cause I'm struggling setting up my system and recording for the first time

    thanks in advance for any suggestions/solutions

  • Jones_Boy
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    Guitar Rig 7 pro comes up as a plugin, but does not have Audio input in preferences in Logic. I see some people don't yet have an answer from posted requests dated last I guess I have a long wait?

  • Eddie_NI
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    The preferences for audio input/output are only there for the standalone version. In the plugin case (e.g. in Logic) all this is handled by the DAW and Guitar Rig does not communicate with your audio interface directly.

    Please refer to the manual of your DAW and this section of the Guitar Rig manual about how to set things up:

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