[New release] Make drill with DEFT LINES and YOUNG PHANTOM

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Dropping today: A drill duo showcasing the hard-hitting, heavyweight minimalist sound and its evolution from the US to the UK.


Packed with sliding subs, evasive percussion, and atmospheric samples, this new expansion is all about cutting-edge drill.

👉 Get 52 MASCHINE kits, 64 BATTERY kits, 142 one-shots, 432 loops full of melancholic R&B melodics, afrobeat swing, and twisted vocal cuts here.


Dip into big bass, orchestral stacks, off-kilter keys, and hybrid textures in the first Play Series instrument to focus on drill.

👉 Get 150 presets and a game-changing library to cook up drill here.

As usual, the simple interface lets you quickly tweak muted keys, warped and layered strings, eastern flutes, and plucks with just 6 macros. But if you're looking for extreme customization, the library's Sound Editor, Effects Editor and a flexible 16-step sequencer let you do just that.

Check out how both are perfectly layered together in this walkthrough with Walkz below:

Will you be copping both?

>>Grab the bundle<<



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