Program Change automation for Kontakt VST3

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After update to new version of Kontakt all my automation for articulation switch became lost (Studio One 5/ Win10).

Reason - all Kontakt instances was changed to VST3. I couldn't find a way to send PC to VST3 version, MIDI automation parameters list is huge and near to unusable - all the parameters are duplicated for all 16 MIDI channels without marking number of channel!

If I delete VST3 version manually, I can load VST2 version again. But VST2 format is no more supported by Steinberg. So if someday I decide to revise my templates, problem can return - how to send Program Change to VST3 version?



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    Program changes cannot be sent through host automation I think, you would need to send them from the piano roll. That said I don't know exactly how Cubase handles it. However at least over here in Reaper I can confirm sending program changes to Kontakt VST3 does work - easy to test with MIDI monitor multiscript.

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    I've found parameter for VST3 automation that matches PC for Kontakt 6 - this is "Kontakt" (!!??):

    It can be automated, so if I have to use VST3 version, it can be possible to use it in templates.

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    You could also use Sound Variations in S1 for this, actually. Probably better than automating that param.

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