Picked Acoustic - Travis picking?

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Hello - sorry if I'm being stupid here, but I'm finding that it's actually really hard to make Picked Acoustic do what I want - basically to copy what I would do on a real guitar.

The actual sound of the guitar is excellent, but I just can't work out how to do even a Travis picking pattern on it. There seem to be so many limitations with this product!

I would switch to Ample Sound as it seems to have every playing possibility under the sun, but the sound quality (and realism) seems to be nowhere as good as NI Picked Acoustic...

Does anyone know of online resources where people have uploaded songs, picking patterns & better strumming patterns that I could use in with Picked Acoustic in Logic Pro?

Thanks very much



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    abcd-abcd Member Posts: 22 Member

    Did anyone have any ideas about this? e.g. some Logic Pro projects that can be downloaded for Native Instruments picked acoustic etc. i.e. N.I. plugins that use the pattern based stuff? Thanks!

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