Rig Kontrol 3 screws?

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I realize that the Rig Kontrol 3 is ancient, and discontinued, but does anybody know where I could find replacement screws for the chrome bars on the back of the unit? They always break on these things (they're still great MIDI controllers/interfaces, even if Native has shunned them for whatever reason). I'm guessing they're metric.


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    haven't found them yet, but just wanted to let you know I'm also actively looking

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    take your screw to your local hardware shop or screw shop. they will measure it for type size and thread pitch.

    if they haven't got any at least now you will know what to get, then go onto eBay and order a packet of them from screw base or similar seller, make sure you get high tensile one's with Allen bolt socket heads.

    a lot easier than messing with a flat point or Phillips head bolt. don't forget to get an Allen wrench at the same time. LOL.


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    Hi guys,

    Late to this one, but if you (or anyone else) is still interested, the reason why these snap is unfortunately because they are made of brass rather than steel (which is stronger), and, given they're brass, are a bit too small to stand much in the way of load.

    The good news is that while they are a standard (and readily available) thread pitch, the bad news is that they are unfortunately a non-standard design, so getting an exact replica is likely to be tricky - although you can get close enough pretty easily with some tools you may already have hanging round.

    The thread pitch is regular metric M3 x 0.7 - but they are an unusual design in that they are part-threaded, with the unthreaded shoulder to allow the hex nut to still turn freely once the screw is tight, as well as an unusually small diameter (and thickness) head, again to fit inside the nut and also create a good fit with the butt ends of the U-bolt

    M3 x 11mm bolts are (should be) easy to find - especially around Europe/the UK but most standard size screws/bolts are fully threaded (when you want part-threaded), and will also have a head that is too big to fit inside the nut.

    A good small local engineering firm would probably be able to cut you some custom bolts to exactly the right size - but you'll pay for them. Alternatively, if you wanted to do a DIY job, some M3x11mm (10mm would do) bolts plus a small drill and a file (to grind down the heads), and some threadlock to lock the bolts in place would be better than nothing.

    If you do want to try an engineering firm, tell them you want:

    M3 x 11mm cheese headed bolts with a 1.5mm long, 3.4mm diameter unthreaded shoulder (so 9.5mm threaded length). The head should be 4.7mm diameter by 2mm tall.

    Hope that helps! :)

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