Guitar Rig 6 Pro - VST3 does not remember GUI size

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The VST3 version that was newly added does not remember its GUI size upon loading a new instance, even if it was saved as a (DAW) preset with a particular size set.

Guitar Rig 6 Pro 6.2.3, Windows 11, FL Studio 20 latest version.

Please fix. Thank you.



  • Eddie_NI
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    Hi @LoveEnigma,

    new Guitar Rig 6 instances will always open with the Default Size (which is set to 100% if you haven't changed it).

    You can change that setting if you go to the view size menu and then click on the entry at the bottom "Save As Default" (just below the 200%). This will set your current view size as the default and all new Guitar Rig instances that you open after that will open with that view size.

    I hope this helps,


  • LoveEnigma
    LoveEnigma Member Posts: 80 Advisor

    Hi Eddie,

    Oh, I am sorry. I overlooked that. Thank you so much.

    Have a great day! :)

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