If I install Guitar Rig 6 Pro, is it worth keeping the prior standalone effects plugins?

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I hadn't installed Guitar Rig 6 Pro yet, as I have been just installing plugins from Komplete 13U on a per need basis. Having browsed my Native Access library, I previously installed standalone versions of plug-ins that seem to have been since bundled with GR6P, including Raum and Bite. Is there any reason for me to keep the standalone versions of those on my machine or should I go ahead and delete them and just use GR6P for the bulk of my effects rack (even if I only want to use Raum, for example). Is CPU usage negligible enough that I can get by using Raum through GR6P vs Raum standalone?



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    i just have installed it all, gr6 is for me an amazing fx rack, i love to use behind synths mostly. but sometimes i just need one instance of raum for a send fx. And i have, i guess you too, more than enough space on the hard drive for those few fx more.

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    Appreciate this insight as that's likely a similar workflow I would approach as well. I guess what I'm wondering here is.. just for the sake of simplicity, is there marginal downside in running gr6 w/ a single plugin instance, or any less modular control of a particular plugin when doing so over just the standalone plugin? There's no fear of conflicts having a plugin standalone, vs built into GR6?

    I guess what I'm trying to decide between (3 options) is if there are only 2 or 3 plugins I would use standalone (for example I have Bite installed but not the rest of the crush pack, nor do I have any of the compressors installed), is it worth installing everything that's already bundled into GR6 for comprehensive/simplicity's sake, installing ONLY the ones I would ever use standalone, or just simple being clean and uninstalling everything bundled into GR6 and just use the plugins through GR6? I ere towards the side of being clean and uninstalling duplicate plugins, but I'm unaware of the CPU RAM implications of running a ton of GR6 racks, even if only single instance.

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    i don´t know if there is any difference with cpu usage. So you have to test it yourself and please report it here. Maybe i´ve got some time today and can run my own test. I will run at least 8 instances as insert, and eight devices in gr6 - each as insert on different tracks, but both are the same of course, e.g. i will use two audio tracks in cubase.

    P.S. on my system it does not make a difference, sometimes a very small advantage for gr6

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