Mark Knopfler set ups?

Ed 100
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First time on here, all looks good!! Anybody got any advice on Mark Knopfler's set ups emulated in Guitar Rig? The clean sounds (Theme from Cal / Going Home) and the more grittier sounds (MTV etc)? Any advice welcome.

Cheers Ed 100



  • Nico_NI
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    Hey @Ed 100, welcome to the community!

    It would be helpful if you have any videos/pictures of this set up so we can better see the topic here 👀

  • Daniel JH @ NI
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    Hi @Ed 100 , I would probably start with the Hot Solo+ and take it from there. Note that since you're after the tones in the songs, you would most likely want to add a compressor and maybe an EQ to get closer.

    Here's a good reference site for looking into artist setups:



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