Session Strings - Modulation does not work in Logic Pro X

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I have recently purchased Session Strings 2 and am using it in Logic Pro X.

I wish to automate both modulation (CC1) and Expression (CC11), however this does not appear possible. Only expression seems to make any difference to the sound. If I set modulation at either 127 throughout or 0 the sound is exactly the same (screenshots attached)

Many arrangers advise using both modulation and expression for more realistic sounding strings (see

I would surprised if Session Strings did not allow for this. If anyone knows how to do this, I'd be very grateful if you could give me some guidance.

This issue has also been documented by another user and was never resolved, here:

Many thanks in advance.


  • stephen24
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    I don't have Session Strings but since no-one has answered:

    Modulation and expression don't have any special properties, they are just ccs (#1 and #11) no different from any of the other 126 except they have these colourful names. The effect they have on the sound, if any, depends entirely on the author's programming.

    Using 2 ccs to automate the same effect doesn't work - you just get jumpy sound. You would need to automate 2 different things. "Dynamics" doesn't have any precise meaning, but people often use the term to mean crossfading between samplesets, recordings of instruments played by the musicians with differing loudness. But equally it could mean volume, reverb, EQ, anything.

    A quick scout of the SS manual shows that you have a choice of controller for "dynamics". If you want to add another controller you first have to decide what you want it to control, then implement it in Kontakt. (Not recommended, as they say)

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