Kontakt Batch Re-save

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I doing a batch re-save on a library (Orchestral Tools) I've not performed this before so ask the following:

Are new files created? - If so where are they located?

If no new files are created is it the case that they are just referenced better than before batch re-save?

I've backed up lots of different Kontakt libraries for archive and easier access when needed.

I know this will take a while on an old OFFICE machine where a library is downloaded and backed up for later use so speed is not critical - eg spinner HDD's and G1840 2 core CPU!

Is there a menu in Kontakt for batch re-save location? - Any info appreciated - Thanks



  • EvilDragon
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    Batch resave overwrites existing files in the folder of the library you have selected to resave. No new files are created.

    It goes without saying - don't do batch resave on an overarching folder that has a lot of libraries in! This is to be done one by one, that's the safest.

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