Something glaringly missing from the Massive X user's manual

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What MIDI CC#s are currently assigned to the Macro knobs?

How do I assign MIDI CC#s to the Macro knobs?



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    I don't think they respond to any CC events.

    In Massive X, I turned all of the 16 macro knobs to their maximum positions.

    In Cakewalk by Bandlab, I created a MIDI clip with all CC events CC0 to CC127 to a value of 0 and played the clip.

    None of the 16 macro knobs went to zero position

    From that, I conclude that these 16 macro knobs do not even respond to direct CC Events.

    The answer to your question “How do I assign MIDI CC#s to the Macro knobs” depends entirely on which DAW you are using.

    It can be done in Cakewalk by Bandlab, but that would be a global setting. Also in Cakewalk by Bandlab, Cakewalk maps certain NRPN events to the automation lanes - which in turn maps to the Macro knobs in Massive X. However, that has a laggy response due to the actual number of events that make up NRPN events. What is more, for that method to be effective, your MIDI Controller needs to allow you to program your sliders and knobs to send NRPN events. I know the Edirol PCR-800 can (I tested this in Cakewalk by Bandlab and this works)

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    I've found that the Macro knobs respond to the "Quick Controls" in Cubase/Nuendo.

    That's it though, so anything you want to remote control has to be routed through those 8 controls.

  • Jim Curtis of Texas
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    This seems to be to be a glaring omission. With all the parameters in MX, seems like most users would want to be able to map CC knobs on their controller to the Macros. Not having it makes the synth far less useful. It doesn't even map the macros to my Kontakt keyboard controllers, unless I've missed something.

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    The keywords MIDI CC found nothing in the manual.

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