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Hey folks,

I have a rather complex question I struggle with badly. So far I was playing guitar and bass with a physical amp, but due to the lack of space here it always takes me forever to setup (cables, power, headphones, ...), so I moved toward Guitar Rig, that not only processes the sound and gives me variety of settings, but also allows me to record my playing by a mere plugging the instrument in. No lengthy setup, just plug&play :-).... well, in a theory.

I struggle hard to setup everything. I have my Win10 PC with built-in mo-bo sound card, outputted to speakers using the 3.5 jacks. I also have a wireless RIG 800HD headset (with USB transmitter base) I use not only for the communication, but for the detailed audio work from time to time also.

I connect my guitar and bass to the PC using the Rocksmith USB cable. Lame, I know, I am aware that I should replace it with something like Focusrite Scarlett or some other external audiocard.

However, when I start GR6, I lose ability to playback any audio on my PC - GR6 has an exclusive access, so I cannot follow the tutorials on youtube, cannot record in either Adobe Audition nor Audacity, all sound-related I can do is to use GR6.

If anyone here is willing to provide me a simple walkthrough (or direct me to some existing resource), I would be super grateful. I simply need to setup everything so that I am not limited in any way, can playback any video or audio while using GR6, record my playing and monitor it either through my 2.1 speaker set or the headset. All my attempts so far were rather futile.

Thank you very much and I am sorry for this lengthy reading...


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    Sorry I can't help with your specific issue as I am on a Mac.

    But I very strongly recommend buying a dedicated audio interface, like you suggest. It will save you a lot of trouble. You will be very limited using the internal audio.

    Look at the NI Komplete Audio interface or IK Multimedia Axe I/O Solo.

    More examples:

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