Session Guitarist: Slide from one chord to another — how?

Kirtland Peterson
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Aloha from Honolulu,

Curious is anyone knows a way to slide a chord in one of the NI Session Guitarist VSTs.

In a song I'm working on, I quickly slide from an A (at fret 5) to a B (fret 7) then back to A (at 5).

The slide up and down are important to the composition. I also need to create a slide from the B (at fret 7) up to an E (at 12).

Is there a way to create this with one of the NI Session Guitarist VSTs?




  • gronk33
    gronk33 Member Posts: 2 Newcomer

    I'm looking for the exact same thing. I'm using Electric Sunburst Deluxe's melody instrument and can't figure out how to do note slides. I've tried portamento, sustain, etc. No luck.

    Is this not a supported feature in Session Guitarist VSTs with melody instruments?

    If not, does anyone know of a good way to fake it?

  • Jojo123
    Jojo123 Member Posts: 181 Advisor

    Not in front of my music computer right now but Im pretty sure theres a couple of options, at least for the melody instruments. Neither really sound authentic in my view. They might be worth a try tho. One is a key switch you can use for an upward slide and another key is for downward. Theyre just above the 8 keyswitches for the preset patterns etc. The other option is to use a pitch bend wheel. I find it greatly depends on the settings and presets you choose plus how touch sensitive the sound is for the effect to work. Its a bit hit and miss. - Id like to see more control in this area.

    Hope this helps. Note: my experience is in relation to the guitars in K13 UCE.

  • djadidai
    djadidai Member Posts: 319 Pro

    Maybe a legato with a pitchbend automation?

  • gronk33
    gronk33 Member Posts: 2 Newcomer

    Thanks to you both for your suggestions. I'm getting the best result from automating pitchbend with legato notes - something you both brought up.

    Unfortunately there seems to be only one keyswitch for a slide in Sunburst(and it's for a slide down) - B1. I tried it and it doesn't really do the trick.

    But the pitchbend + legato is a heck of lot better than what I had before! FWIW I'm using it for sliding between funk chords.

    I just hope that updates will support better sliding from note to note at somepoint in the future.

  • Jojo123
    Jojo123 Member Posts: 181 Advisor

    Agree gronk33 - would like to see more functionality here. Also the pitch bend only does (up to ) a wholetone, unless theres something you can do diving deeper into Kontakt.

    So I just took a look and theres zero options I can see for Strummed Accoustic & SA 2

    If you hold the B keyswitch on the Sunburst Electric melody presets it is quite flexible in that if you, say, play an octave holding one note then playing the other it will slide up or down depending which note you play last. As mentioned it really depends on the preset you choose and other settings and I find the effect can be really good if I play the notes at the "right" velocity. If I use the G# and A for the shorter slides I find you can sort of get a better effect if you hit the key switches softly. Its a little finicky but with a bit of experimenting its workable.

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