MIDI CC automation - How to only affect 1 instrument at a time?

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Hello! I'm having three problems regarding mapping MIDI CC automation via my MIDI controller, and I'm wondering if they're related.

Problem A: My MIDI controller affects all instruments at once. For example, I want to use the mod wheel to control the Dynamics knob on two separate instruments - the sax and the trombone. However, I obviously don't want the automation from one instrument affecting the other. How do I control the dynamics for each instrument separately with the same mod wheel?

Problem B: The Dynamics Pattern from one instrument affects the other, despite them having different Dynamics Patterns. This image illustrates what I mean:

Problem C: MIDI CC#1, which controls Dynamics (I think?), does not work at all. When I attempt to use it to record dynamics, it simply does nothing. I've mapped dynamics to an empty slot, CC#24. Does that affect anything?

I apologize if these are basic questions, but trying to find help for a specific problem seems nearly impossible. Help would be greatly appreciated!



  • Blindeddie
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    Specifically which Kontakt instruments? Separate instances for each in instrument or single instance for both. What midi controller? Is the controller set to transmit on a single channel or Omni? Mac or Win (not that it would be the cause of the issue, just good practice to mention your OS and DAW when asking a question!!)

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    This example used Symphony Series Saxophone and Trombone, but I literally just picked two random instruments - it happens no matter what instruments I pick. I’m using a Launchkey 49 keyboard. I’m using Windows. And I’m not sure “Omni” means - I’m using BRSO Articulate, if that helps.

    (Thanks for the response, and sorry for responding almost a month later - I blame life!)

  • EvilDragon
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    Are you loading Kontakt VST3 or VST2? There's an issue with VST3 in this sort of situation.

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