Kontakt instruments not playing

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I'm having a big issue that is very frustrating. After making a track and saving it, when I go back to it the instruments won't play. It shows them there on the channel but when I click the spanner icon (in device title bar) to check nothing opens. It's not just Kontakt stuff, my Output stuff is doing this too. Only a few of my instruments aren't affected. It seems to be happening on tracks made a few years ago as well as recently and strangely it doesn't seem to be every song. I'm totally confused.

Mac 12.0.1. (monterey) Live 11.1.5 Kontakt 5.8.1

What's really strange is that sometimes they are back, though in the last few days i've not been able to access them at all. I upgraded to Live 11 in Dec/Jan after getting latest Macbook similar time.

Any help much appreciated.



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    Maybe try to change the audio engine inside your DAW.

    I hope it helps anyhow.

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