KK editor opens 'offscreen' in Cubase 12?

Mic2002 Member Posts: 1 Newcomer
edited June 2022 in Komplete Kontrol

When I try to open KK editor from within Cubase 12 it won't actually be visible on screen ! When I load a second instance of KK it then opens fine. I can see that Cubase tells me the editor window is open but its just not visible. Same issue with EZ Keys.Windows 11.

Anyone help me ?


  • Fantom
    Fantom Member Posts: 1 Member

    Are you using 2 (or more) sceens?

  • Simoof
    Simoof Member Posts: 11 Member

    You can use windows built in windows control.

    Use alt+tab to select the window you want to see, i.e. bring focus to the window. Holding down the windows key, use the arrow keys to make the focused window move to some snap points - and even from monitor to monitor. For example the up arrow might help you if its rendered off screen. Pressing it twice will snap it to the top half of a monitor - from there you should be able to grab it and resize/position it.

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