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KK software/plugin M1 support inquiry with regards to external synth presets

eggpls Member Posts: 15 Sine

So the Komplete Kontrol software as I understand it is pretty much a wrapper for any NKS supported sample library/preset to provide a clean integration with the KK keyboards (guide lights, browser previews, etc.). However that's about all it is, and in terms of the samples and previews being used, they're all generally sourced from another 3rd party library or synth. So my question is, if we eventually get M1 native support for the Komplete Kontrol plug-in, will the presets that I load with it also depend on those external synths/libraries having native M1 support as well?

For example, if I want to run Logic without Rosetta and Komplete Kontrol M1 support is added, but I want to load a Massive X preset in that Komplete Kontrol instance, will native M1 support for Massive X be required as well?

I've noticed that the KK plugin support (running Logic on Rosetta) is limited in some ways, specifically if I want to modify an existing preset at the sound design level- if I want to load up a Massive preset in KK, I only get a fraction of the editing functionality, whereas if I load a preset using the Massive plug-in (no KK), I get access to the entire UI, where I can then adjust the oscillators, LFOs, etc. but of course miss out on the benefits on KK plugin's integration with the hardware. Is the reason for this related to my above question (like does KK work as a wrapper for presets with limitations for editing because it doesn't rely on the underlying synth to be loaded at all?)

This kind of ended up being a weirdly phrased question as there are 2 main things I'm asking here-

  1. If KK M1 support is added, can i load a Massive, Absynth, Battery, etc. preset if none of those synths have M1 support yet?
  2. With the current non-M1 supported version of KK, is there a way to have full access to the edit capabilities of each synth with just the KK plug-in w/ a preset loaded, or will I always have to load it in each individual synth, save it as a new user-preset, and then load that in KK?

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  • eggpls
    eggpls Member Posts: 15 Sine
    Answer ✓

    Thanks @Jeremy_NI . The actual solution for me was that I was the simplest mode. and clicking the + icon expanded the UI for me.


  • Eight4aWish
    Eight4aWish Member Posts: 36 Sine
    1. Guess work based on forum postings: KK M1 will come before the native M1 versions of more legacy products. Conjecture: first version of KK M1 native will only host M1 plugins. All hypothetical though because as far as I know there is no physical evidence that the KK M1 actually exists.
    2. How many pages of knobs are created for nksf presets is down partially to how many of the plug-in controls are amenable to control messages and partly down to how much time the preset author wants to spend coding or hand editing the presets to support more of those controls. A hobbyist like myself would usually save presets with say 4-8 of the most important controls/macros mapped. Someone like @JesterMgee takes a lot more time and even gets feedback from paying customers on the priority put into the pages and pages of controls he maps. Commercial offers from plug-in developers tend to lie somewhere between those extremes - pages of controls but not necessarily everything.
  • Jeremy_NI
    Jeremy_NI Customer Care Posts: 4,392 mod

    Hey all, the Komplete Kontrol M1 native version is still in the works, and this particular topic is being investigated at the moment. We'll get more info to share on the topic in the coming weeks.

    In the meantime, @eggpls you can open the full Massive plug-in view when in Komplete Kontrol,

    You can also add controls of your own.

  • eggpls
    eggpls Member Posts: 15 Sine
    Answer ✓

    Thanks @Jeremy_NI . The actual solution for me was that I was the simplest mode. and clicking the + icon expanded the UI for me.

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