M1 Macs, Native Access, Kontakt, and DAWs. Trying to understand the differences?

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For M1 macs: So Native Access has to use Rosetta, but Kontakt is native M1/ARM. So even though I'm running Native Access as Rosetta, Kontakt will be loaded natively in my DAW?

What about if the DAW isn't running M1 natively? Does that Force Kontakt to be Rosetta as well?

Or does it not matter if your DAW is M1 native or running Rosetta, and Kontakt will always run natively?

Please help me understand! Also I'd gladly accept some articles that go into this topic some more. I just got an M1 mac, and before I start setting on my production stuff I want to understand everything a bit better.



  • EvilDragon
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    Yes, NA is just used for download, installation and authorization. If your DAW is not running natively, Kontakt will run in Rosetta mode as well.

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