FL Studio channel locking with S61 Mk2

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With the S61's MIDI mode I have 3 different presets set up. I set them up for the keybed to send on different channels, per preset. With FLS's 'receive notes from' feature, you can play from a particular channel locked to that instrument.

But if I lock an instrument to channel 2, then channel 1 no longer works on any other instrument. Someone else tried a different keyboard for me and confirmed the problem exists, but only for channel 1. So I pushed the channels down, but it still doesn't work. If I have channels 3 and 4 locked to instruments, FLS will block the keyboard from playing any other instrument when it's sending on channel 2. It doesn't make any sense. I've asked Image Line about it but haven't heard anything.

So it might be something with this keyboard. Does anyone know why this might be?


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    Hey @SuperTRev I'd like to reproduce your issue. What's your Operating system ? Mac or Windows ? Could you maybe post a video ? Could you also post screenshots from the Komplete Kontrol application with the different keysplits and their assignments ?

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    Hey, I'm Windows 10 64 bit, latest update. FLS 20 v20.99.2956 (April 11 Beta 2)

    All you have to do is setup two presets in the KK standalone MIDI editor. Set each keybank for these presets to have a different channel. Preset 1 outputs channel 1. Preset 2 outputs channel 2. So right click a plugin on the channel rack and choose 'receive notes from' and choose channel 1. Change the preset and see if channel 2 will play any other instrument, or if channel 2 is locked out of use with any other plugin.

    As for me, since I first posted this, I was able to run the keyboard through Bome's MIDI Translator Pro, and piggy back one of its virtual output ports. Enabled the input port in FLS. So I locked my desired channels to that port, and I now use the standard Komplete -1 port as my free/omni port for any selected instrument.

    This seems to be an issue with the 16 MIDI channels, but whenever someone can use different ports like I've been able to do, it seems to work so far. I could make a video, but that will be hard. I'm using new software and don't know how to use it yet.

    I've reported this to Image Line.

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