The Oeser by Key Instruments Review

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Hi there 

I'd like to share with you my review of The Oeser by Key Instruments for Virtual Orchestration, a piano built by Franz Oeser in 1877 in Vienna. The Oeser features a really intimate and delicate sound, it was deeply sampled and not over processed so you can get a very realistic and natural sound out of it. This library is not just an acoustic historical piano though as you will find inside also a felted, picked and muted patches, each with a few factory presets to get started with. The Oeser is made for Kontakt Player and it supports the NKS protocol so you need to activate it via Native Access. Along with the library’s purchase you get the Oeser Sample Pack, a collection of a few hundreds of royalty free samples, free of charge. 

Thanks Key Instruments for kindly sending us a copy of the library to review.

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