Massive X does not show presets anymore

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since the latest update of Massive X and it's factory presets, the preset library of Massive X appears empty on my system.

If I perform a rescan, the rescan process runs around a minute and it also confirms that one preset file after the other is being scanned but when finished, the preset list remains empty.

If I save anything as an user preset, this one is listed but not the factory presets even if I copy them to the user preset directory - like if the preset files are different and the factory ones are skipped.

This problem exists since Massive X has been updated to 1.4.1. The factory preset installation is still version 1.4.0 and Native Access doesn't offer an update to an equal version.

Re-installing Massive X and the Factory presets doesn't chance anything.

I use the Windows version of Massive X.

Does anybody have an idea?


  • Arepo
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    I'm having exactly the same problem. I'm using a Mac, but it can't access any o the Massive X library.

  • Tamajamma
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    Me too. Using a MacBook Pro 2019; fully blown. I get some slim small set of presets; I can see my user presets. what a massive pain-in-the-a**; pun intended.

  • Matthew_Morse
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    Any progress here - I'm having the same issue.

    Presets read <none> when working with Massive X in Logic Pro

  • eleganz
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    Same problem here with FM8/Mac

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