Navigating to group containing sample I just played.

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I do a fair amount of tweaking of purchased libraries, but the one thing that is always a PITA is locating the group containing the part of the sound I want to change. For example, I may want to change a group of samples from DFD to TM Pro to stop the speed change across the keyboard. I've successfully done this many times, but getting to the particular group is hit or miss and VERY time consuming. I use "Select by MIDI" but it often doesn't get me to the correct spot. If I solo the group, I hear nothing. Help!

The same thing goes for getting to a particular sample. I've done this in the past, but I can't figure out how I did it.



  • EvilDragon
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    If you go to Expert->Groups tab in the left side browser, you can see a far better overview of played groups (since it's a taller column vs 4x4 grid of groups as in Group Editor).

    But yeah, it's not ideal.

  • tmpc
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    Hi ED. This is definitely a better way to look at 420 groups. However, although I see the same group light up, it doesn't tell me anything else that the small window doesn't. When I solo that group, I get no sound. How is it that it indicates where it is but won't make a sound when soloed? Is there no way to get to those samples and change the playback method?

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    You're going about it the right way. Just bear in mind that when you play a note

    1. you will probably trigger multiple groups, not all of which will make much (or indeed any) sound
    2. you may not trigger the same groups each time

    Me, I wouldn't dream of fiddling with a heavily scripted instrument with 420 groups.

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