Compatibility issues with different OS and Kontakt

Michael Mason
Michael Mason Member Posts: 3 Newcomer

I work between two different computers, my host software is always Pro Tools. Computer 1 is a 2012 Mac Desktop running High Sierra, computer 2 is a 2019 MacBookPro running Catalina. I have my reasons for running different OS on these computers - let's not get into that. I recently upgraded Kontakt 6.6.7 on the MBP. When I tried to upgrade on the Mac Pro tower (High Sierra OS) it only upgrades to Kontakt to 6.6.1. I'm assuming this is because of the older OS. If I open a session from the Mac Pro to the newer MBP Kontakt (6.6.7) opens fine. However, if I go back the other way Kontakt won't open correctly. I'm assuming I want to change the MBP Kontakt version BACK to 6.6.1. SPECIFICALLY how do I do this? Can someone give me a link to 6.6.1 and complete directions as I assume I won't be installing from Native Instruments app. Thanks so much!!

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