S-Series MK2 browser background colors

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Browser text is near impossible to read from all but the most perfect viewing angle, and I can’t seem to find any LCD contrast adjustment, like I have on most of my screens. Please change the background away from the super bright pastel colors. I’m concerned that this is the case, considering how long this unit has been out (although new to me) and how many complaints this had to generate both my music partner and I have the same problem, though he can move around it better, and I am in a wheelchair, so my options are limited.


  • gloriousmono
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    Something has changed on my screen recently that makes it impossible to read certain plugins on the S61 screen also, certain background colors are worse than others. Is there a way to change the contrast of the screen or the background color for different devices?

  • JesterMgee
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    What plugins have this issue?

    It may be possible to change the colour of the background, however how easy that is will depend on what it is that is the trouble because a file needs to be located and edited

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