Heavyocity Instruments - installed in Access but not in Kontakt itself.

Tony Lowther
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Hello - I have loads of Heavyocity Instruments that I have purchased and installed into Kontakt via Access before now. However - there are two recent ones that - despite them being 'installed' in access, do not show in the Kontakt Browser itself. Of course, I have checked the library tab in Kontakt for visibility - and they are both not there - but all the others are. How does this happen when the location of the libraries are on exactly the same Sample drive as all of the other perfectly functioning and visible Heavyocity instruments?

Driving me nuts - I have a project I need to finish and have done this loads of times before without hitch.

Appreciate any guidance / wisdom / solution...😊



  • Jeremy_NI
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    Hey Tony,

    What version of Kontakt have you installed? Some of the latest Heavyocity libraries require Kontakt 6.7.1 and won't show in older versions of Kontakt. You can check if any Kontakt update is available in Native Access.

  • Kaiwan_NI
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    Hi @Tony Lowther some of the Heavyocity Instruments require Kontakt 6.7.1 to run. Can you double-check if you're using the latest version of Kontakt just in case?

  • e.o.m
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    The same issue occurs in Kontakt 7 - Evolve and Evolve Mutations.

    The library is there its installed, you need to access it the old fashioned way through the files menu etc, which to be honest is rather annoying in 2023 given the extensive users and base of musicians for the products. Unless its a me thing and I have this all wrong -|-

  • Rich_NI
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    Hi @Tony Lowther and @e.o.m

    Can you please try the following:

    • Open Kontakt 6.7.1 in standalone mode
    • Carry out the following steps to locate the library via Kontakt, rather than Native Access
    • Click Locate underneath the error message.

    The Library Content Missing window will appear. Use this window to relocate the missing Library folder. The easiest method is to Resolve Automatically. Click either *Search Filesystem (Mac/Win) or *Search Spotlight (Mac) to start scanning your computer for the missing content.

    Does the library then relocate via Kontakt correctly, and can then be loaded correctly in both K6 and K7?

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