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Can't find user or 3rd party presets massive x 1.4

ChrisH1785 Member Posts: 11 Member
edited June 2022 in Massive X & Synths

Hi, I've Just returned to production after a break. I can't find my user presets or 3rd party presets now with this update? Please help banging head against wall.!!


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  • ChrisH1785
    ChrisH1785 Member Posts: 11 Member
    Answer ✓

    Finally Figured it out. MAKE SURE THAT YOU ONLY HAVE THE LITTLE TAB THAT LOOKS LIKE A PERSON HIGHLIGHTED. Some sort of intro when opening the synth would be nice. Hopefully this will help anyone else who is hitting head against the wall trying to find them

    Completey stupid system a tab that says user is all we need!


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