[New release] Essential Electronic Funk with Mother Board

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Another fresh out EXPANSION is out today. Mother Board is a modern take on the electro phenomenon that erupted from Detroit – machine music that conjured dreams of a utopian future. Sampled from vintage machines, this Expansion explores the evolving interface between humans and technology. MOTHER BOARD is all you need to generate everything from funk breakbeats to sci-fi soundscapes.

Here's a video from Creative Dwill giving the expansion a spin

Who's in ?



  • PK The DJ
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    I'm in. I love this style.

  • Kaiwan_NI
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    🚨 Happening right now until 6pm CET: We are hosting an Ask Me Anything on our Instagram with Detroit legend Alan Oldham where you can ask him about his setup and workflow with MASCHINE. Check out our IG stories and ask away. See you there. 🚨

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